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Thursday, October 14

........... ntah

hey guys! how r u dudes?? i hope fine..herrmm, now rse mcm nk updates here i am..:) seem like my life is unworking properly u knoe..heeee..:) terlalu byk masalah menimpa, n jugak kekecewaan hati yang melampau..sad? cry? heart breakers? ntahh..i dont know! frankly speaking, i dont know whats wrong with me.. rse mcm sedih, tp ta sedih, rse mcm nk crying, tp kejap jer nanges, rse mcm tension, tp ta tension..I DONT KNOW..:( bile dpt ckp ng yg tersyg, im happy..BUT, bile dye seem mcm tade mse nk layan, dye bz, im so sad..knp yer?? kadang-kala hati org kite ta dpt nk jangka, kalo lah kite boleh bce hati org, mao idup ne jadi huru hara kan..:(

tanak laa mcm tu..shayee sayang dyeee.. da lame dyeee ad dalam hati shayee..takan perempuan lainn bolee amek dyee dr shayee..ta suke meyhh..:( so, i have to continue my life..eventot he's sooo bz, im trying to be aunderstand person, trying to faham dye punye life, trying to faham dye punye keje, trying to faham dye punye study n trying to faham everything bout his! I WILL.. tp its oke, im still have my friends, n i will chillex saja! HAHAHHAHA.. oke, fine, lets begin wif study week..

starting tomorrow, esok da cuti study week meyhh..:) so, automatically, next 2 week r FINAL EXAM" pergghh, isau lerr plak..HR seem like not HR, property might be my killer subject, omg! i dont know..hukhukhuk.. but the best thingy are, da nak habes PART 5..heee, ta sbr nk PART 6, nk habes cepat2, plus nk benda ne semua settle cepat3.. da ta sanggup da, ad jer semua perlu risau, perlu tension, pelbagai masalah yg melanda..i cant! tkut nnt da ta dpt nk bersabar, n i make a mistake without my control..i dont want to be like that..:( i need to be my old self, always heppy, chillex, enjoy, like to laughing and also "byk mulut"..siyes, miss my old life.. done 4 today..tq

p/s : bahasa rojak is nice ryte? HAHAHHA..

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