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Tuesday, August 31

What i do at 'HARI MERDEKA'??

its nice ryte..:))
see those who had celebrate HARI MERDEKA!
kami anak-anak MALAYSIA..

Hmm… watching TV programs at home? Have a drink with friends who back for holiday??
Well, although I don’t cycle bicycle and wave Malaysia flag on the middle of road, but I No doubt about it..
Personally… a few days b4 national day, im at home doing my law note..sigh..be4 celebrate a Hari Merdeka, im so worried bout ma quiz n also ma test..hish3.. actually dat yesterday, I should go to ‘berbuka puasa’ wif ma bff, which is dak husz, also wif paan n saufy..ngeh3..
then, i wanna go to TAMAN CEMPAKA 4 shopping sambil cuci mata..ngeh3..what?? of coz i am shopaholics, but shopping 4 raya, i had nothing..hermm,, also planned to have drink that night, but posptpone tonight. wanna see the fireworks show from my " TAMAN ", but only heard sound, see nothing i guess..hhehehe.. soo, we go to MITC..of coz yess i see fireworks, but 4 a while saja! sadis ryte.. in malacca, tade plak countdown, haissh, busan saja! its jerk u know when we r in the road, police, RELA segala tgh bt roadblock..HANGIN saja! N THEN, its really jam u knoe..but the 1 thing, soo many people at MBMB, hang out n blow their engine..but some people who does nt have licensed, run away from police segala! LAWAK kn..semua jln ad police, until photographer take the picture, maybe came from HARIAN METRO, SINAR or etc..
BTW,its really fun laaa even though malacca tade nye nak countdown neh! but ramai laaa yg berkonvoi sana-sini..its enough ryte..bubye..

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