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Monday, May 24

first of all, frankly speaking, S.A.H.A.B.A.T are most important in our need them and wanna share everything in ma life.I'm also hope they oweys happy in their life, so that i can be happy also..i tell her bout ma probs n wanna share bout that but i never tot people who i called F.R.I.E.N.D.S tell all her friends bout my probes n laughing n make my probes as her joke,, so funny ha friends like that..??
From dis day, n when i realised dat, I'm never tell her bout ma probes, n i removed her from fb friends..i don noe what she doing rite now, might be happy wif her boy fie, if like that, thank god lol..we lost contact and i never feel regret to lost contact wif her,, ryte now, I'm happy wif this life.. juz im realised this quotation" what goes around comes around" really happen in this life, moral value of this are, never trusted people,, if we can walk alone, juz do it,, juz don care about the other feeling coz they never care about our feeling..don't make a friends as a sahabat, choose properly..when we happy they will being a good friends, but when we sad, they care about us?? n when we need a help, do u think they will help us??
n when we sad, do u think they will here wif us??? aaargggh i don't think so..
but, I'm truly trusted dis people, i love u oolls fucking much.. i need u oolls to chill together, spend a time together n if we had a probs, we can share together, i don't care what r people say about us, da most important to me, we r BFF..

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Fatin Syafiqa said...

babe...seriously im realy touching wit diz entry...i love u too link....hope u strong enough to fight wit da fucking shit of evil..hahah...hampeh pnye mmbr,,campak laut ag bgs....bdw im always wit u in any condition fwen i'll always pray for ur happins...